The Marquette Aquamen Underwater Hockey & Underwater Rugby Team was founded by Brendon Ewers & Steve Kars in the Fall of 2013.  Northern Michigan University (NMU) allowed us to organize their 1 hour a week time slot for Underwater Hockey at the Peif Pool and we assembled the gear necessary to have new players to try the sport in a safe manner.  The first two years of the team, we utilized NMU’s Peif pool and had over 100 new players try underwater hockey with many staying to play the weekly game.  In the fall of 2016, with cutbacks in full swing at NMU, the club was moved to the Marquette Senior High School Pool, where we have found an awesome home for Underwater Hockey & Underwater Rugby.  We hope to start a High School Club Team in the near future…

Steve has been playing UWH since 1990 and UWR since 2013.

Brendon has been playing UWH & UWR since 2000.

~Steve & Brendon